Vocab and grades

  • Am I supposed to learn a certain amount of vocab before going to grade 2?

  • Is the vocab I see in the vocab tab dependent on my current grade?

  • Which vocab order / list should I follow / learn first?

  • should I learn the readings of a Kanji immediately or wait to have the Kanji show up as a vocab item? (Because readings are not shown in the feed

Also, how does the grade next to our name work? I moved to grade 2, but is says grade 1 student. Should I learn more vocab?

This is something I’ve been grappling with for a while. I personally like how there’s freedom to do as much or as little vocab learning (in case you want to focus on kanji first, etc.) but I see the need for a way to further integrate vocab learning into grades.

For now, and what was intended originally, was to look through your Capable Vocab until you feel like you want to move onto more kanji. The Capable Vocab queue is ordered to show the most common vocab first, so feel free to click through those in order.

As for your final question, learn the readings along with vocab words and not per kanji. It originally seems like you’d want to know how to read the characters you’re learning, but it’s a lot of wasted brain power, as there are so many readings per kanji and you have to know the readings of the vocab words anyway to be able to read it. Knowing the 10 different readings for 上 won’t help you if you see 川上 because you’ll never be able to guess correctly if you haven’t learned the vocab word before.

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