Traveling to Japan During COVID

As I’m sure many of you would love to travel to Japan, it’s not exactly possible at the moment. Having to take multiple covid tests, spending weeks locked in a hotel room (that is, if you can even get over there, which is a luxury only Japanese citizens or spouses with spousal visas are able to do), getting calls on Skype about how you’re feeling, being tracked wherever you go for the first two weeks, etc. all add up to make it not possible to travel for most of us.

So what’s a way to tide you over until things start to open back up, you may ask? Well, the way I’ve been able to survive has been watching virtual tours of Japan on Youtube, such as from the channel VIRTUAL JAPAN.

Here’s one of my favorite videos from them, showing a really cozy looking spot in Japan. Putting these videos on as background ambience while working on something else is beneficial and helps with focus a little (and while you’re distracted it gives you some cool visuals and partially scratches the itch of not being able to travel).

Especially if you have an HDR monitor or phone that’s able to support HDR video, these videos look stunning. As a bit of Japanese practice, plug in some headphones or turn up the sound a lot and see how much you’re able to understand! This really helps with immersion, as it’s almost like going on a walk around Japan yourself. Also, reading signs or posters around the cities is really helpful too. Try it out and let me know what you think!

How have you been able to cope with being locked from most travel? Have you ever been to Japan before?

It’s kind of the same for me. I didn’t have the chance to travel to Japan before CoViD, unfortunately.
But I really love these Videos. This is why I want to also mention the Channel Rambalac, who in my opinion has stunning camera quality. (I am not a camera pro) and Tokio Explorer, who is live streaming his walks and talking while he is walking (And he seems like a really nice and funny guy).

Hope you like it! Always keep in mind, that there is a time after the pandemic, when travelling will be allowed again!

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I’ve seen some Rambalac too, I’ll have to watch more of him because you’re right, his camerawork is really good. Tokio explorer seems interesting, it seems fun to listen to someone who’s familiar with those spots talk about them.

And yes, I can’t wait for that time to come! I’ll take a much-needed vacation😅