Possible bugs in Kana drills?

I did the Kana drills recently. There seem to be a few Hiragana and Katakana combinations where I encounter problems.The displayed “solution” doesn’t work. For example:

ぢゃ displays “ja” as the solution after skipping, but entering “ja” for that combination results in the little “nu-uh”. Entering “dya” works. Same goes for ぢゅ (ju vs. dyu) and ぢょ (jo vs. dyo).

This also occurs during Katakana drills:

  • ウィ (ui vs. wi)
  • ウェ (ue vs. we)
  • ウォ (uo vs. who)
  • ヂャ (ja vs. dya)
  • ヂュ (ju vs. dyu)
  • ヂョ (jo vs. dyo)
  • ティ (tei vs. texi)
  • ディ (dei vs. dexi)
  • トゥ (tou vs. toxu)
  • ドゥ (dou vs. doxu)

Could please you take a look at this?

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I reported here also :slight_smile: (but your description is more complete):

Since “tsu” is in the position of “tu”, entering “du” should do the trick…

@Frankie any news on this one?

Hello guys! Sorry for the late reply, we’ve been quite busy recently! I’ve looked into this a little bit and it doesn’t seem too difficult to implement. We’re using a 3rd-party tool for this so I’ll have to make some adjustments to it.

This shouldn’t take too long, I’ll keep you guys updated on a fix!