Japanese Meme Translations

Feel free to request a translation for memes featuring Japanese text or bring your own explanation to test your understanding!


A meme about pooh listening to vaporwave music for the first time. The last frame features the Japanese text 「ミーム学校男の子」:
ミーム(みーむ, miimu)= meme
学校(がっこう, gakkou)= school
男の子(おとこのこ, otokonoko)= boy

So this phrase translates to “Meme school boy/student”… kinda makes sense but is a little far out there :joy:

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Here’s an explanation request I have😅

I know the Japanese text means “This is a pen” and has the connotation of a really basic Japanese sentence but I’m not sure how it can save Japan from covid😂

Calling on @Saori to come help…

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Hmm, no idea :sweat_smile:
The only thing I could think of is これはペンです is known as a very basic sentence and one of the first expressions which all Japanese people see and learn in English class. We often make fun of this sentence since we wonder in what situation they use “this is a pen” in real life.
So, I’m assuming the meme gives the iconic and stupid sentence as a saver just to sound funny without deep meaning?
If anybody has other/more idea, please give your comments!

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